Tony Wood Hair x Dumpster Design: the colour dress

Tony Wood Hair Colour Dumpster Design.jpg

While our salon’s interior moves forward by moving backwards — see Door 10 of our 2017 Advent calendar, about our ‘De-Renovation’ — we’re continuing to diversify the services we offer our clients, nurturing our stylists into specialist roles and adapting our services to their skills.

So, in some ways, we have to reflect our evolution, but we wanted to use existing materials in an exciting and unique way, keeping costs at zero and continuing the theme of uncovering things of the past.

So, we gathered up boxes of double-sided flyers we never used, as our social media marketing took the wheel. One side of the flyer is for Tony Wood Hairdressing, and the other side focuses on our evolved colour offering.


Over the past year, we’ve enhanced our focus on hair colour, with specialist roles and a whole new dedicated area in our basement. That‘s something we wanted to showcase — and that’s when we got in touch with Dumpster Design, an upcycled fashion design firm around the corner from us.

Dumpster’s designers took the boxes of flyers and turned them into an absolutely breathtaking dress. The black, white, and gold of the Tony Wood Hairdressing side gradually flows down into the colour side.

This mirrors not only the trickle-down skill tree in our salon, but the physical location of the basement! We even had a photoshoot with the dress, with hair styled by our stylist and model, Tanahya.

We hung the flyer dress proudly in our main salon space, and it continues to be one of the first things customers ask about. That, of course, gives us the opportunity to showcase our colour talent!

We’ve got some exciting stories coming up on the Tony Wood Hair Advent calendar about our stylists’ successes in the realms