Protecting the past: winning the Portsmouth Society Best Restoration award

Castle Road Clocktower Tony Wood Hair

As our de-renovation project really started picking up pace near the end of 2016, Portsmouth Society, a voluntary body who celebrate building preservation, approached us about the work we do on our building.

It’s a century-old clocktower, and needs constant care and love. We often work around the clock to keep the building shipshape, carrying out maintenance and repairs, and keeping its story alive by word of mouth and on social media.

We won Portsmouth Society’s award for ‘Best Restoration’! It was a proud moment, having our hard work recognized by our city. The plaque has pride of place on a podium at our entrance.

Where possible, we display the things we’re working on for our clients to see, and they’re always genuinely intrigued by the ever-evolving building.

As we de-renovate and reveal layers of history, we’re able to give clients historic tours, walking them through decades of stories and pointing out captivating minutiae.

Some aspects of the restoration work have also been picked up by the press, including our restoration of two wooden statues which stand guard over the entrance of the salon.