Winning internationally at Goldwell Color Zoom

When we first heard about Colour Zoom 2017, we knew we had to present the opportunity to a member of the Tony Wood Hair team who we knew would have the passion, drive, and talent to pursue the international competition and come out on top. We put Lydia forward, and she won Gold in the UK before going on to claim Stylists’ Favourite internationally. Here’s her story.

Image-16.pngWinning internationally at Goldwell Color Zoom Lydia Wolfe Tony Wood Hair

My Colour Zoom 2017 journey started in September 2016, when I was selected from a group of 21 stylists in the UK to be a part of Goldwell’s ‘Colour Creatives Team’, a mentorship programme with global educator William Wilson and British Hairdressing Award-winning Mark Leeson.

In April, we had a photoshoot in London at the Goldwell KMS academy with some of the industry’s finest, where our realisations of the Colour Zoom theme ‘In Flux’ was brought to life on camera, and our final photo entries were selected and entered.


In June, the final five in each category were announced! I was lucky enough to be a UK finalist.

At the end of July, Goldwell threw an amazing party for the UK final at Tobacoo Dock in London, where I found out I’d won ‘Gold’ in the New Talent category, and that I would be going to Barcelona with the other two UK winners from other categories.

Why? To compete in Global Zoom against 38 other counrties, alongside 96 contestants, for the world title in a live competiton! The challenge was to perfectly recreate the hairstyle in my photograph.

In October, we went to Barcelona and gave it our best shot alongside the best in the world! That evening, at the big gala finale, they they announced the Global Zoom winners.

Image-16.pngWinning internationally at Goldwell Color Zoom Lydia Wolfe Tony Wood Hair

I was announced as Stylists’ Favourite in the New Talent category, which means my entry was voted globally as the people’s choice!