Tony Wood before Tony Wood Hair: 1985 to 1988

The Hair of London crew

The Hair of London crew

When 1985 rolled around, I still hadn’t found myself in Castle Road, the street which would nurture my entire career (see my 1980 to 1984 story). The next half of my 80s story takes us to the Tricorn Centre...

My interest in fashion eventually led me to looking at art college first of all, and then a Saturday job in a salon in Purbrook, La Femme. I remember walking into my headmaster’s office — Mr. Jones, his name was — steeling myself for yet another telling off. He told me, ‘Tony, you’ll never ever get a job unless you smarten up and start to conform’. I’d love to see him now…

The Saturday job in La Femme led me to South Downs College, more ‘tellings off’, and an apprenticeship at ‘Hair of London’ in the now-demolished Tricorn Centre.

Hair of London was way ahead of its time, led by the flamboyant Graham Glanville Cole. It was set in a glass box on the edge of the Tricorn — if anyone has any photos of it, I’d love to see them!

It was at Hair of London where I got my very strict but life-changing training. The Tricorn then was such an incredibly vibrant place, with great alternative fashion stores and alt music shops. Spending my evenings in ‘Granny’s’ nightclub and my days with an incredible artistic styling team fuelled my love for fashion and style.

The 90s were drawing close. I had my sights set on the future, driven by being a newly-qualified stylist, and I searched for a new challenge. Among the bright lights of Southsea is where I found my stylist position at Nickelby’s in Castle Road. A move that would shape my future...