The Colour Factory at Tony Wood Hair



The Colour Factory at Tony Wood Hair is the number one destination for hair colour on the south coast of England. It’s a unique dedicated space for the south’s best hair colourists to share their skills and guarantee you beautiful hair colour.

Tony Wood began hair colouring in his bedroom in 1984, but it was his apprenticeship at ‘Hair of London’ — the first salon in his hometown of Portsmouth with a specialist colour area — which really ignited his professional passion for colour.

After 30 years of running his own salon, Tony had a desire to bring the best hair colouring experience on offer to Tony Wood Hair. That aspiration led to the conception of ‘The Colour Factory’ back in 2016.

“Myself and Liam realised that, although we did a hell of a lot of really good colour, there was room to create something really special, especially in contrast to what other salons were doing on the south coast — a whole new level to hair colouring, literally.

“We had a disused basement and decided that this underground space would be home to the now widely-revered Colour Factory. We spoke to product companies, hired a London-based hair colour expert with 25 years of experience, and talked to clients about what they wanted from the space.

“Taking these things on board, we began turning The Colour Factory into a vibrant reality.”

Walking down the stairs from Tony Wood Hair’s main salon space to The Colour Factory floor transports you to a world that’s half artist studio, half whimsical Willy Wonka-esque factory, where colours are conjured, gradients are magicked into existence, and transformations from even the wildest of imaginations are crafted.

There are no mirrors a la designer salons. Instead, we built a large suspended table ignited by colour-changing lights. That‘s where colour gets applied. Then we welcome you into the cozy Colour Lounge, where you can sit back and relax in a charming getaway while knitting, eating freshly-made popcorn, and watching our colour specialists mixing up the next potion.

Two years on, The Colour Factory has earned a reputation for being the best colour-focused space in the south of England. A glance at our Instagram will show you some of the astounding colour work Tony Wood Hair stylists achieve.

But rest assured that, although we share a lot of our amazing rainbow-spanning across social media, we’re also masters of more classic and subtle colour work too, like balayages, ombrés, and various highlight techniques.

Tony Wood Hair’s colourists have specialist degrees from all the major colour houses, including Redken, Wella, and Goldwell, the latter being our colour house of choice since the dawn of The Colour Factory.

Tony added: “I am so proud of what we have achieved. We’ve taken hair colour to another level over the past two years. We’ve also won various industry awards, including the international title of global Stylist Favourite from Goldwell Color Zoom 2017.

“We also currently hold the crown of South Coast Hair Colourist of the Year.”

Want the best hair colour experience? Pay The Colour Factory a visit!