Introducing the Tony Wood Hair Advent calendar — with prizes!

Tony Wood Hair Calendar.jpg

2017 was a wild year for us, filled with exciting opportunities and successes. We’ve got lots of new stories to tell. But the Tony Wood Hair story goes back much further than these past 12 months — it goes back three whole decades.

To launch into 2018, another huge year for us, we’re leading you on a journey through our past, with a new chapter every day ‘til Christmas!

Click each of the open doors below to read a new story between 1st and 25th December, and sign up to the Tony Wood Hair newsletter below to get end-of-week summaries straight to your inbox.

Some of the doors conceal prize giveaways. Some of the prizes are worth hundreds. Others are worth thousands...

The journey will start with our clocktower home, exploring the beautiful building’s fascinating history, dating back to before Tony was even born. Yeah, there was a time before Tony!

Then we’ll delve into Tony’s own 30-year career in the hairdressing industry, and the day he finally put his name above the door.

After that, expect a series of stories about the team Tony has assembled, the international awards they’ve won, and the innovative projects they’ve worked on.

So check back every day for fresh stories, anecdotes, and, of course, prizes — to keep yourself or to gift someone for Christmas!

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